After years of cosplaying together, (not) twins Roxas and Arthur created an official Cosplay Duo. The So (not) Twins Cosplay group was born, a way for the (not) twins to show others what they enjoy doing together and to more or less just have fun.

They hope you enjoy the tumblr.

Feel free to ask Roxas, Arthur, or both a question in the ask box.
You may also ask a question of the characters they cosplay and they may just answer with a cosplay-picture answer.


We attended MangaNEXT in October 2010, Halloween weekend to sell products for Poisoned Apple Studios (of which Arthur was a partner). Because we were there for business, and not pleasure, we decided to go as merchants from the Seiken Densetsu series (known as the Mana series in the States).
Because they’re so obscure, I’m adding references. But they were a LOT of fun to cosplay.

Neko: Roxas
Niccolo: Arthur