After years of cosplaying together, (not) twins Roxas and Arthur created an official Cosplay Duo. The So (not) Twins Cosplay group was born, a way for the (not) twins to show others what they enjoy doing together and to more or less just have fun.

They hope you enjoy the tumblr.

Feel free to ask Roxas, Arthur, or both a question in the ask box.
You may also ask a question of the characters they cosplay and they may just answer with a cosplay-picture answer.


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Hey guys…. So there’s this friend of mine named Arthur who’s on the staff of this new magazine and they’re starting to take subscriptions now. The promo issue is actually already out, and you can read it here. Looks really good, amIrite?
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poignantmelancholia asked
I was scrolling through the Secret of Mana tag and OH MY GOD I found your cosplays. Unfortunately I never attended MangaNEXT, but have you worn them to any other cons? It would be awesome to see them in person. Regardless, great job on your costumes.

We actually haven’t worn them again. Ideally, I’d love to get a whole group together for mana. I really enjoyed the costumes. I think, for being so “hey why not?” They came out great. What the picture doesn’t show is my totally awesome tail for Niccolo haha. I wouldn’t mind throwing these on again sometime and running around for fun. It was a really great time. Let us know what cons you’d be at and I can see if we can make it happen! Just can’t do AAC, BCC, NYCC, or PAX East. Those are planned for.


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Just wanted to signal boost the hell out of this out to ALL OF THE FANDOMS
/tags like a boss

Help my friend get back to college this year! Just donate a dollar or more and get wonderful art done, or just donate! [Click the link above for more info from both Meph//Arthur and Courtney]
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Or if you want to donate MORE than a dollar, you can get a colored sketch done by Meph//Arthur, colored maybe like this [but in noodly style]:

They’re up for doing drawings of any show//game//band, etc. as far as I know…. Which is why I’m trying to decide which of my kpop biases to get drawn…. XD

….if you can donate <3

Hey guys~

Arthur’s doing commissions to help get our friend money to go back to college… If you could at least signal boost we’d really appreciate it! <3

- Roxas

So, Arthur just found this, somehow. XD
At 1:18-ish, that’s our Captain Cold and some clips of us from the costume contest~

I COMPLETELY forgot that G4 dragged him aside for an interview until I saw this. I’m an idiot. XDD

- Roxas


Hey guys! The LARP that I’m a part of, owned and run by a friend of mine is part of Mission Small Business! They need 250 votes to get a grant that could REALLY help this game grow and strive. This is my friend’s BABY and it would mean the WORLD to me if you could help him achieve his dream! He really deserves it!

All you have to do is go to that link,, Scroll to the bottom, and click “Log In & Support” (Facebook Login is required), Scroll to the bottom, and search for Business Name “Harbinger Entertainment” and then click vote! It won’t take long!

Anyone who votes (and takes a screen cap to prove it) will get a prize from me. I do cartoons, short animations, watercolor paintings, phone charms, make jerky, etc. If you want to get something for doing this, we can try and make it happen! Please share this and help my friend’s dream happen!!


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Just Reached 40 Followers?!

Holy CRAP guys.

We’re pretty inactive right now, but thank you. ;w;
I feel like I should throw on my Gabe wig and do some random thank you pictures haha.

But really I LOVE YOU GUYS and I’m sure Arthur does too.

<3 Roxas

Whoa. Sorry for the neglect guys, but despite it being ‘Con Season’ and all, Arthur and I are getting ready for a move 1,300 miles from where we are now. Soo we’re currently working our asses off at work to save up, and looking for jobs and will be looking for places. And stuff. :3

I at least won’t be doing any ‘new’ cosplays or attending Cons until after the move [which will hopefully be in August//September?], but I think Arthur might be planning things for himself.

We love you all and can’t wait until we have something new to show you, and sorry for the kinda-hiatus we’re taking. >: Real life has to come first!

[P.S. we still have Piper & Trickster photos to post from AAC and BCC, but I’m a busy//lazy pain in the ass]


jahnwhatson-deactivated20121128 asked
I just gotta ask, I'm looking to do a Tycho crossplay at some point in the future (hopefully RSPOD version) and I wondered if you could share any tips about making the wig since that seems like it's going to be one of the most challenging parts. For example, is it worth buying a black wig and sewing light brown wefts or is it a better idea to do an entirely light brown wig and dye half of it?

For Arthur’s wig, I bought a brown wig and dyed half of it black. I also had some wefts left over from the Gabe wig, and sewed abooout 7-8 of those in the back as well, evenly spaced, just because there’s no physical way to dye a wig REALLY true black, and adding true black wefts helps make it LOOK completely black.
If that makes sense. XD;;

I also made sure to sew some of the black wefts in at the nape//bottom of the back of the wig, where it touches the skin, because they dye may rub off onto clothing and skin. Makes a good barrier between the two.

Buying a black wig and sewing brown wefts onto the top would be near impossible. The top of a wig is typically one giant weft kinda… Unless you bought two whole wigs, and spliced//sewed them together where desired. That’s an expensive option though.

<3 Roxas

optimisticallyterrified asked
Thank you for telling me who to credit in those pictures :) (By the way, you guys were FANTASTIC.)

That was mostly Arthur who told you who to credit, but I’ll say ‘your welcome’ on his behalf as well, since he’s not on Tumblr much. XD

And thank you so much! 8D